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以下是ChatGPT Plugins插件的列表,包括插件名称和它们的功能描述(截止到2023年6月1日)

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1JetBookClickYour ultimate travel companion: search/book flights at best prices, get info about your destination. Multilang support.你的终极旅行伴侣:搜索预订最优惠的航班,获取有关目的地的信息。支持多语言。
2ImageEditorEdit images seamlessly, resize, crop, blur and many more embedded features.无缝编辑图像,调整大小、裁剪、模糊等多种嵌入式功能。
3uniketElevate your shopping experience with Uniket.通过Uniket提升您的购物体验。
4ApexMapChecking the current APEX Legends Ranked Map.查看当前APEX Legends排名地图。
5whois_domain_checkerA Whois app that takes a list of space-separated domain names, performs the Whois for each domain.一个 Whois应用程序,可以接收一组以空格分隔的域名列表,并为每个域名执行 Whois 查询。
6vaflYour personal gift advisor. Find a perfect experience for anyone.您的个人礼物顾问。为任何人找到完美的体验。
7gofyndElevate your shopping experience with GoFynd.通过GoFynd提升您的购物体验。
8aiAgentsUnleashing the power of multiple AIs: One goal, limitless productivity.释放多个人工智能的力量:一个目标,无限生产力。
9wpinteractFetch or search posts from self-hosted WordPress websites, opening new possibilities for smart interaction with content.从自托管的WordPress网站中获取或搜索帖子,为智能交互内容开辟新的可能性。
10rephraseType 'perfect' to craft the perfect prompt, every time.每次输入“完美”,就能打造完美的提示。
11Man_of_ManyDiscover the latest in products, culture and style from Man of Many. Ask for the latest news and headlines.从Man of Many了解最新的产品、文化和风格。询问最新的新闻和头条。
12WordCloudCreate word cloud images from text.从文本中创建词云图像。
13brandfetchRetrieve company and brand data including logos, colors, fonts, and other brand information.获取公司和品牌数据,包括标志、颜色、字体和其他品牌信息。
14upskillrCustom curriculum, lesson plans, and upskilling support on any topic by Upskillr. Powered by Shorthills Tech.Upskillr提供任何主题的定制课程、教案和技能提升支持,由Shorthills Tech提供技术支持。
15ChatWithGitSearch code on GitHub repositories based on a query.根据查询条件在GitHub代码库中搜索代码。
16paperchatSearch through arXiv publications.在arXiv的出版物中进行搜索。
17property_searchDiscover your dream property in Mallorca with our AI-Power. Find the perfect match from over 75,000 listings!通过我们的AI技术,发现您在马略卡岛的梦想房产。从超过75,000个房源中找到完美的匹配!
18web_scraperScrape content from webpages by providing a URL.通过提供URL来抓取网页内容。
19bookwormAI-powered personalized book recommendations, scanning countless titles to find your perfect read.AI技术提供个性化的图书推荐,扫描无数的书名,找到最适合您的阅读材料。
20placidA design assistant that creates marketing visuals from your templates.一个设计助手,可以从你的模板中创建营销视觉素材。
21getyourguide_activity_searchFind tours, excursions and other travel activities.寻找旅游团、短途旅行和其他旅游活动。
22Substack_IQSearch, analyze, & summarize Substack newsletters, retrieve articles, and discover new Substacks!搜索、分析和总结Substack新闻通讯,检索文章并发现新的Substack!
23clinical_trial_radarDiscover current info on global clinical trials, organizations, diseases, and biomarkers from public & private studies.从公共和私人研究中了解全球临床试验、组织、疾病和生物标志物的最新信息。
24champdexChat with your favorite League of Legends champions!与你最喜爱的英雄联盟英雄聊天!
25job_search_ukGet the latest job posts from the UK's top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.获取来自英国顶级招聘网站(包括Reed、Indeed等)的最新职位发布。
26what_to_watchSearch for current shows, get recommendations, and find out where things are streaming.搜索当前的节目,获取推荐,并了解它们在哪里可以流媒体观看。
27NFTsGet the important details of any NFT collection and ask for insights based on that data!获取任何NFT收藏的重要细节,并基于该数据询问见解!
28CarYardBardAI-Powered Car Sales Ad Generator for Australian Car Dealers.为澳大利亚汽车经销商提供AI驱动的汽车销售广告生成器。
29memecreatorUse Meme Creator to create memes on demand using the power of AI!利用人工智能的力量,使用Meme Creator随时随地创建梗图!
30travelActivityHotelFrom local escapes to far flung adventures, find the best experiences, tours, hotels and transport options anywhere.无论是本地度假还是远足探险,您都可以在任何地方找到最佳的体验、旅游、酒店和交通选择。
31boolioThe easiest way to analyze global stock values with the power of quantitative factor methodologies.利用量化因子方法的强大力量,最简单的方式分析全球股票价值。
32sakenowaFind Sake and get detailed information in various ways.以多种方式查找清酒并获取详细信息。
33quickrecallCreate flashcards and review them with spaced repeition.创建闪卡并使用间隔重复法进行复习。
34chatwithvideoAsk questions, analyzing, and parsing through YouTube videos by simply providing a YouTube video URL.只需提供YouTube视频的URL,就可以通过提问、分析和解析来研究YouTube视频。
35WeatherProvides weather forecast based on location. Includes temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind and much more.根据位置提供天气预报,包括温度、降水、云层覆盖、风力等等。
36AusSurfReportGet today's surf report for any break throughout Australia!获取澳大利亚任何冲浪点的今日冲浪报告!
37PlanfitGet your tailored workout plan and instructions with videos - AI-powered Workout Coach, Planfit.通过AI驱动的健身教练Planfit,获取适合你的训练计划和视频指导。
38questmateCreate forms, checklists and workflows (we call 'em Quests!) directly from ChatGPT.直接从ChatGPT创建表单、清单和工作流程(我们称之为“任务”!)。
39BitcoinSentimentTrack the current price of Bitcoin and the market sentiment based on the last 20 news media mentions!跟踪比特币的当前价格和市场情绪,基于最近20条新闻媒体提及!
40AusPetrolPricesAsk for the average daily petrol price for any state or capital city region in Australia!请问澳大利亚任何一个州或首都城市地区的平均每日汽油价格是多少?
41career_testCareer test to help you find your dream job, with automation risk and average salary.职业测试可以帮助你找到梦想的工作,同时考虑到自动化风险和平均工资。
42find_teachersElevate your language learning at any level with personalized 1-on-1 online lessons from tutors across the world.通过来自世界各地的个性化1对1在线课程,提升您在任何水平上的语言学习。
43ndricks_sports_apiGet information about pro teams (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) teams by calling the ndricks Software Sports API.通过调用ndricks软件体育API获取关于职业团队(NHL,NBA,NFL,MLB)的信息。
44webhooksAllows you to write, deploy, and manage HTTP Webhooks in JavaScript, right from the chat.在聊天中,可以直接编写、部署和管理JavaScript HTTP Webhooks。
45chatwithwebsiteHave a conversation with any website, powered by magicform.aiopen in new window通过magicform.aiopen in new window,与任何网站进行对话。
46resumeQuickly create and edit your resume with the option to download as a docx or pdf, and find the job you deserve!快速创建和编辑您的简历,可选择下载为docx或pdf格式,并找到您应得的工作!
47OutschoolSearch for top-quality online classes and teachers on Outschool.在Outschool上搜索高质量的在线课程和教师。
48aitoolhuntExplore the ideal AI solutions for all use cases, drawn from the most comprehensive global database of AI tools.从全球最全面的AI工具数据库中挑选出适用于所有用例的理想AI解决方案。
49website_performance_insightsMeasure key metrics about your website - performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, PWA.衡量您网站的关键指标 - 性能、可访问性、最佳实践、SEO、PWA。
50seo_assistantThe SEO Assistant can generate search engine keyword information in order to aid the creation of content.SEO助手可以生成搜索引擎关键词信息,以帮助创建内容。
51fundsdbsearchDiscover funding opportunities in UK and India on FundsDB. Type in your query in any language or /help for assistance.在FundsDB上发现英国和印度的资金机会。输入您的查询,可以使用任何语言,或者输入/help以获取帮助。
52crypto_jobs_listFind jobs and talent profiles in Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 industries.在加密、区块链和Web3行业中寻找工作和人才档案。
53currencyconverterConvert currencies based on real-time rates.根据实时汇率进行货币转换。
54JiggyBase_retrievalUse the knowledge in your JiggyBase document collections to help produce factual, up-to-date chat responses.利用您的JiggyBase文档集中的知识,帮助生成准确、最新的聊天回复。
55AbridgedDueDiligenceDiscover the details! Search through recent SEC filings, with links to deeper analysis.发掘细节!浏览最近的SEC文件,并提供深入分析的链接。
56AgonesAgones provides soccer (football) results for matches played all over the world in the past 15 years.Agones提供了过去15年在全球范围内进行的足球比赛的结果。
57CTCPAnalyze eligibility criteria in ClinicalTrials.govopen in new window. Example input: nctid NCT05859269分析ClinicalTrials.gov中的资格标准。示例输入:nctid NCT05859269。
58web_requestsGoodbye Knowledge Cutoff, Hello World! This is your AI assistant's web browser. Just enter a URL. Google, Wiki, GitHub.再见知识截止日期,你好世界!这是你的AI助手的网络浏览器。只需输入URL。Google、Wiki、GitHub。
59LawyerPR_PreliminaryReviewMatching your ideal lawyer, in Japan. Let's Start with a Preliminary Review.在日本找到符合您理想的律师。让我们从初步审查开始。
60chatspotGet access to marketing/sales data including domain information, company research and search keyword research.获取营销/销售数据,包括域名信息、公司研究和搜索关键词研究。
61uk_latest_newsGet the latest news stories from the UK's top news outlets including BBC News, Sky News, The Independent, and others.从英国顶级新闻媒体获取最新的新闻故事,包括BBC新闻、天空新闻、独立报等。
62websiteCreate a professional, engaging, and user-friendly website for your business in seconds using AI.使用人工智能在几秒钟内为您的企业创建一个专业、引人入胜且用户友好的网站。
63Xpapers_arXiv_paper_databaseEffortlessly find real academic papers on arXiv. Dive into abstracts, references, and access public PDF URLs.轻松地在arXiv上找到真正的学术论文。深入了解摘要、参考文献,并访问公共PDF链接。
64QuakePHStay updated with the latest earthquakes in the Philippines.保持对菲律宾最新地震的更新。
65paxiaiLet AI tools speed up your tasks! Make it easy to find the right tool for the task.让人工智能工具加速您的任务!让寻找适合任务的正确工具变得容易。
66RoboAdYour AI powered Ad Assistant!您的AI广告助手!
67bibliography_crossrefSearch publications and generate bibtex bibliographies using Crossref and Zotero.使用Crossref和Zotero搜索出版物并生成bibtex参考文献。
68keywordexplorerKeyword Explorer provides popular related keywords to amplify your content optimization.关键词探索器提供流行的相关关键词,以增强您的内容优化。
69buywiselyCompare Prices & Discover the Latest Offers from thousands of online shops in Australia.比较价格,从澳大利亚数千家在线商店中发现最新的优惠。
70nextpaperFetch the latest research papers on a specific topic from PubMed. More to come.从PubMed获取特定主题的最新研究论文。更多内容即将到来。
71statisfinappFinancial data tool for analyzing equities. You can get price quotes, analyze moving averages, RSI, and more.这是一款用于分析股票的金融数据工具。您可以获取股票价格报价,分析移动平均线、相对强弱指数等等。
72BardeenCreate and run automations on the most popular web services.在最受欢迎的网络服务上创建和运行自动化。
73penrose_research_analystSearch global news and research papers. Summarize Arxiv.orgopen in new window links. Ask me for the latest news!搜索全球新闻和研究论文。总结Arxiv.org链接。向我询问最新消息!
74podcastSearchThis tool explores podcasts from PodcastIndex.orgopen in new window, a platform for decentralized audio content discovery.这个工具探索来自PodcastIndex.org的播客,这是一个去中心化音频内容发现平台。
75abc_to_audioPlugin for converting ABC music notation to wav, midi and postscript files.这是一个插件,可以将ABC音乐符号转换为wav、midi和postscript文件。
76CreatuityStoresWe integrate stores so you can search for products in all of them at the same time.我们整合了商店,让您可以同时在所有商店中搜索产品。
77i_am_richProudly declare 'I am rich'.自豪地宣称“我很富有”。
78theresanaiforthatFind the right AI tools for any use case, from the world's largest database of AI tools.从全球最大的AI工具数据库中找到适合任何用例的AI工具。
79TicTacToePlaying a game of Tic Tac Toe with varying board sizes. You can submit your move and get the AI's response move.玩不同大小的井字棋游戏。您可以提交您的移动并获得AI的响应移动。
80PortfoliosLabStocks, ETFs, funds, crypto analysis: historical performance, volatility, risk metrics, Sharpe ratio, drawdowns, etc.股票、ETF、基金、加密货币分析:历史表现、波动性、风险指标、夏普比率、回撤等。
81DAIZYDeep insights on ETFs, stocks, cryptos. Institutional-grade data: performance, risk, sustainability, research.深入洞察ETF、股票、加密货币。机构级别的数据:表现、风险、可持续性、研究。
82PluginRandomCreatureGenerationCreates a random creature and an image it for use in role playing games.创建一个随机的生物并为其设计一张形象,以供角色扮演游戏使用。
83caloriechatTracking what you eat doesn't have to be hard. With Calorie Chat, you'll find calorie counting simpler than ever before.追踪你的饮食并不需要很难。使用Calorie
84deployscriptDeployScript effortlessly launches web apps, handling the tech for you. Watch your ideas come to life!DeployScript轻松启动Web应用程序,为您处理技术。看着您的想法变为现实!
85newsSummarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.总结新闻标题。您可以向世界各地的各种来源询问最新消息。
86coincapGet cryptocurrency information from CoinCap.从CoinCap获取加密货币信息。
87HaffPriceShopping all kinds of products with the lowest price in the market.在市场上以最低的价格购买各种产品。
88themeparkhipsterFind theme park waiting times around the world.寻找世界各地的主题公园等待时间。
89Weather_ForecastWeatherWhiz: Accurate current weather and forecasts for any location.WeatherWhiz:准确的当前天气和任何位置的预报。
90zumper_home_rental_searchFind a rental home in the US and Canada.在美国和加拿大找到一处出租房屋。
91web_scraperScrape content from webpages by providing a URL.通过提供URL来抓取网页内容。
92OptionsProOptions Pro is your personal options trading assistant to help you navigate market conditions.Options Pro是您的个人期权交易助手,帮助您应对市场状况。
93game_info_fetcherChat and get game info, database is based on the latest gaming information in 2023, supports multiple platforms.聊天并获取游戏信息,数据库基于2023年最新的游戏信息,支持多个平台。
94VoxScriptEnables searching of YouTube transcripts, financial data sources, and Google Search results, and more!可以搜索YouTube的字幕、金融数据源、谷歌搜索结果等等!
95wahiHey Ontario, ask and get so in the know on the latest listings, property insights and more.嘿,安大略省的朋友们,只要问一下,就可以了解最新的房产列表、房产见解等信息。
96gigaGiga is your AI powered personalised tutor, it keeps the answers to your questions personalised.Giga是一款由人工智能驱动的个性化辅导工具,它会根据你的问题提供个性化的答案。
97OwlJourneyProvides lodging and activity suggestions, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly journey.提供住宿和活动建议,确保旅程有趣且用户友好。
98CreditYelpAccess various essential financial calculators for a detailed repayment schedule and payoff term.使用各种必要的财务计算器,获取详细的还款计划和偿还期限。
99weatherPredicting, planning, and adapting to the weather forecast via contextualized chat-based insights.通过基于上下文的聊天式洞察力预测、规划和适应天气预报。
100comic_finderA plugin that finds a relevant comic given a description. Currently supports XKCD and SMBC comics.这是一个插件,可以根据描述找到相关的漫画。目前支持XKCD和SMBC漫画。
101askyourpdfUnlock the power of your PDFs!, dive into your documents, find answers, and bring information to your fingertips.解锁您的PDF文件的力量!深入文档,找到答案,将信息带到您的指尖。
102metarCurrent weather data for cities and airports using METAR aviation feeds.使用METAR航空数据源获取城市和机场的当前天气数据。
103access_linkAccess any links on the web and get the information you need.访问网络上的任何链接,获取您所需的信息。
104PlaylistAICreate Spotify playlists for any prompt.为任何提示创建Spotify播放列表。
105noteableCreate notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown to explore data, visualize, and share notebooks with everyone.使用Python、SQL和Markdown创建笔记本,探索数据、可视化,并与所有人分享笔记本。
106brameworkFind keywords, generate content briefs, perform SEO analysis, and extract SEO information.寻找关键词,生成内容简介,进行SEO分析,提取SEO信息。
107MixerBox_NewsGet latest news delivered right to you! Stay informed with bulletins across multiple categories from credible sources.获取最新的新闻资讯!从可靠的来源获取跨多个类别的简报,保持信息更新。
108vivianTake the first step to finding your next healthcare job.迈出第一步,寻找你的下一个医疗保健工作。
109SEOYour personal SEO assistant for content marketing.您的个人SEO助手,为内容营销提供支持。
110yabbleCreate insights instantly. Any audience. Any question. Yabble it.即时创造洞见。无论是哪个受众,无论是哪个问题,都可以用Yabble实现。
111polygonMarket data, news, and fundamentals for stocks, options, forex, and crypto from Polygon.ioopen in new window.Polygon.io提供股票、期权、外汇和加密货币的市场数据、新闻和基本面分析。
112chatwithpdfChat with everything from entire PDF books to Google Drive documents just by providing a link.只需提供链接,即可与包括整本PDF书籍和Google Drive文档在内的所有内容进行聊天。
113photorealisticGenerate Photorealistic prompts for Midjourney.为Midjourney生成逼真的提示。
114clinical_trial_radarDiscover current info on global clinical trials, organizations, diseases, and biomarkers from public & private studies.从公共和私人研究中了解全球临床试验、组织、疾病和生物标志物的最新信息。
115show_meCreate and edit diagrams directly in chat.在聊天中直接创建和编辑图表。
116turo_searchSearch for the perfect Turo vehicle for your next trip.在Turo上寻找完美的车辆,为您的下一次旅行做准备。
117university_lecture_retrievalDiscover and access the right moments in open course lectures for targeted learning.发现并获取开放式课程讲座中的适合有针对性学习的关键时刻。
118cryptoPriceAndNewsIt's your go-to solution for real-time cryptocurrency price updates, market insights, and the latest news.这是你实时获取加密货币价格更新、市场洞察和最新消息的首选解决方案。
119edXFind courses and content from leading universities to expand your knowledge at any level.在领先的大学中寻找课程和内容,以扩展您在任何水平上的知识。
120nonprofitsDiscover impactful nonprofits to support in your community and beyond.在您的社区和更广泛的范围内发现有影响力的非营利组织,为其提供支持。
121metaphor_search_apiAccess the internet's highest quality content. Recommended by people, powered by neural search.访问互联网上最高质量的内容。由人们推荐,由神经搜索驱动。
122localDiscover and support restaurants, shops & services near you. 🍽️ 🛍️ 🔧发现并支持你附近的餐厅、商店和服务。🍽️ 🛍️ 🔧
123Dr_Thoths_TarotTarot card novelty entertaiment & analysis, by Mnemosyne Labs.由Mnemosyne实验室提供的塔罗牌新奇娱乐和分析服务。
124cloudflare_radarGet real-time insights into Internet traffic patterns and threats as seen by Cloudflare.通过Cloudflare所看到的实时互联网流量模式和威胁,获取实时洞察。
125web_pilotBrowse & QA Webpage/PDF/Data. Generate articles, from one or more URLs.浏览和质量保证网页/PDF/数据。从一个或多个URL生成文章。
126polarrSearch Polarr's massive pool of user generated filters to make your photos and videos perfect.在Polarr庞大的用户生成滤镜库中搜索,让您的照片和视频变得完美。
127devPlugin for recommending articles or users from DEV Community.这是一个从DEV社区推荐文章或用户的插件。
128decision_journalBecome a better decision maker by keeping track of your decisions and reviewing how they turn out.通过记录你的决策并回顾它们的结果,成为更好的决策者。
129rentable_apartmentsGet apartment options in a city of your choice, scoped to your needs and budget.在您选择的城市中,根据您的需求和预算范围,获取公寓选项。
130PublicGet real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis.获取实时和历史市场数据,包括资产价格、新闻、研究和全面的财务分析。
131linkReaderReads the content of all kinds of links, like webpage, PDF, PPT, image, Word & other docs.可以读取各种链接的内容,如网页、PDF、PPT、图片、Word和其他文档。
132VislaCreate a short video from public stock footage based on your specified topic.根据您指定的主题,使用公共库存素材制作一个短视频。
133CoupertSearch for the internet’s best coupons from thousands of online stores.在数千家在线商店中搜索互联网上最好的优惠券。
134wishbucketUnified product search across all Korean platforms and brands.在所有韩国平台和品牌中实现统一的产品搜索。
135formAllows you to create AI-Powered Forms, Surveys, Quizzes, or Questionnaires on Yay! Forms.在Yay!Forms上,您可以创建基于人工智能的表单、调查、测验或问卷。
136AutoInfra1Talk to your Servers. Works with AWS, GCP, Azure, and anywhere you can ssh!与您的服务器交流。适用于AWS、GCP、Azure以及任何您可以通过ssh访问的地方!
137GlowingSchedule and send daily SMS messages - reminders, inspiration, helpers and more.安排并发送每日短信消息-提醒、启发、帮助等。
138ABCmouseProvides fun and educational learning activities for children 2-8 years old.为2-8岁儿童提供有趣且教育性的学习活动。
139hubbubworld_hubbub_1Local health risk & safety guidance for COVID-19, Flu, RSV and more in the US.在美国,针对COVID-19、流感、RSV等疾病的当地健康风险和安全指南。
140owdCheck the availability of a domain and compare prices across different registrars.检查域名的可用性,并在不同的注册商之间比较价格。
141C3_GlideGet live aviation data for pilots. Ask questions about METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs for flight planning.为飞行员获取实时航空数据。询问有关METAR、TAF、NOTAM等用于飞行计划的问题。
142LikewiseYour media and entertainment companion. Get TV, Movies, Books & Podcast Recommendations.你的媒体和娱乐伴侣。获取电视、电影、书籍和播客推荐。
143zillowYour real estate assistant is here! Search listings, view property details, and get home with Zillow.你的房地产助手已经到位!使用Zillow搜索房源,查看房产详情,轻松找到理想的家。
144scholaraiUnlock the power of scientific research with peer-reviewed papers from PubMed, Arxiv, Springer, and more.通过来自PubMed、Arxiv、Springer等的同行评审论文,释放科学研究的力量。
145aitickerchat_document_retrievalRetrieve USA stock insights from SEC filings as well as Earnings Call Transcripts.从SEC文件和盈利电话会议记录中获取美国股票的见解。
146TripDiscover the ultimate travel companion - simplify your flight and hotel bookings. Enjoy your effortless trip!发现终极旅行伴侣——简化您的机票和酒店预订。享受您轻松愉快的旅行!
147savvy_trader_aiRealtime stock, crypto and other investment data.实时股票、加密货币和其他投资数据。
148golden_data_pluginGet current factual data on companies from the Golden knowledge graph.从Golden知识图谱获取公司的最新事实数据。
149product_recommendationGet product recommendations from your local Amazon store.从您当地的亚马逊商店获取产品推荐。
150acquireEverything you need to buy and sell startups.我们提供一切你需要的,来买卖初创企业。
151keyplays_footballLatest live soccer standings, results, commentary, tv stations, keyplays (with and without scores).最新的足球实时排名、比赛结果、评论、电视台、重要进球(有和没有比分的)。
152ChessUnleash your inner chess master with this interactive chess experience! You can play against a novice or a grandmaster!通过这个互动式的国际象棋体验,释放你内心的国际象棋大师!你可以与新手或大师对弈!
153blockatlasSearch the US Census! Find data sets, ask questions, and visualize.搜索美国人口普查!找到数据集,提出问题并进行可视化。
154opentriviaGet trivia questions from various categories and difficulty levels.获取来自不同类别和难度级别的知识问答题。
155internetSearchSearch&Browse the web by using Google Search results with KeyMate.AIopen in new window, your AI-powered web crawler.使用KeyMate.AIopen in new window,您的AI动力网络爬虫,通过使用Google搜索结果搜索和浏览网络。
156portfoliopilotYour AI investing guide: portfolio assessment, recommendations, answers to all finance questions.您的AI投资指南:投资组合评估、建议、回答所有财务问题。
157crafty_cluesGuess the words that the AI craftily clues for you. Add restrictions to make the game more interesting!猜测AI巧妙提示的单词。添加限制,使游戏更有趣!
158word_sneakThe AI has to sneak 3 secret words into your conversation. Guess the words to win the game!AI需要在你的对话中悄悄地潜入3个秘密单词。猜出这些单词来赢得游戏!
159redfinHave questions about the housing market? Find the answers to help you win in today's market.对于房地产市场有疑问吗?寻找答案,帮助您在当今市场中获胜。
160kraftfulYour product development coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus’ product thinking.你的产品开发教练。询问最佳实践。获取顶尖大师的产品思维。
161BohitaCreate apparel with any image you can describe! Get it delivered right to your door.用你能描述的任何图像来制作服装!直接送到你家门口。
162shimmer_calorie_counterTrack meals & gain insights for a healthier lifestyle from 1m+ restaurants & grocery stores.追踪餐食并从100万家餐厅和杂货店中获得健康生活的见解。
163competitorppcadsDiscover your competitors' best PPC ads by entering their website address.通过输入竞争对手的网站地址,发现他们最好的PPC广告。
164AmbitionSearch millions of jobs near you.在你附近搜索数百万个工作职位。
165ManorleadGet a list of listings for rent or sale in cities across Canada and the US based on your search criteria.根据您的搜索条件,获取加拿大和美国各城市的出租或出售房源列表。
166seoanalysisUse AI to analyze and improve the SEO of a website. Get advice on websites, keywords and competitors.利用人工智能分析和改善网站的搜索引擎优化。获取有关网站、关键词和竞争对手的建议。
167KalendarAIKalendarAI sales agents generate revenue with potential customers from 200+ million companies globally.KalendarAI的销售代理与全球超过2亿家公司的潜在客户合作,创造收入。
168AppyPieAIAppBuilderAI-powered Text-to-App Generator turns your app idea into Android and iOS apps- just provide text input.AI 动力的文本转应用程序生成器可以将您的应用程序想法转化为
169AlgorithmaShape your virtual life with in this immersive life simulator game to begin Type /start to begin.通过这款身临其境的生活模拟游戏,塑造你的虚拟生活。输入/start开始游戏。
170Creaticode_Extension_of_MIT_ScratchDisplay Scratch programs as images and write 2D/3D programs using CreatiCode Scratch extensions.使用CreatiCode Scratch扩展程序,将Scratch程序显示为图像,并编写2D/3D程序。
171video_insightsInteract with online video platforms like Youtube or Daily Motion.与在线视频平台如Youtube或Daily Motion进行互动。
172tutoryAccess affordable, on-demand tutoring and education right at your fingertips.随时随地轻松获取经济实惠的辅导和教育服务。
173recipe_retrievalDiscover recipe ideas, meal plans and cooking tips from Tasty's millions of users!从Tasty数百万用户那里发现食谱想法、餐饮计划和烹饪技巧!
174MixerBox_OnePlayer_musicUnlimited music, podcasts, and videos across various genres. Enjoy endless listening with our rich playlists!我们提供各种类型的无限音乐、播客和视频。通过我们丰富的播放列表,尽情享受无尽的听觉体验!
175TabelogAllows you to find restaurants in Japan that have availability for reservations.该应用程序可以帮助您查找在日本有预订空位的餐厅。
176speechki_tts_pluginThe easiest way to convert texts to ready-to-use audio — download link, audio player page, or embed!将文本转换为可直接使用的音频的最简单方法——下载链接、音频播放器页面或嵌入代码!
177MagnetisMagnetis is a digital wealth manager. Get updated data on portfolios returns and allocations. Ask me about Magnetis.Magnetis是一家数字财富管理公司。获取有关投资组合回报和配置的最新数据。请问我关于Magnetis的问题。
178AI2sqlConverts a natural language text into an SQL query.将自然语言文本转换为SQL查询。
179haulingbuddiesLocate dependable animal transporters using recommendations, reviews, and regulatory compliance search features.通过推荐、评论和合规性搜索功能找到可靠的动物运输公司。
180SceneXplainSceneXplain lets you attach images to your prompt. Explore image storytelling beyond pixels.SceneXplain允许您将图像附加到提示中。探索超越像素的图像叙事。
181giftwrapAsk about gift ideas for any occasion and recipient. Get it wrapped and delivered, no address needed.询问任何场合和受礼者的礼物想法。包装和送货,无需地址。
182biztocSearch BizToc for business & finance news.在BizToc上搜索商业和金融新闻。
183speakLearn how to say anything in another language with Speak, your AI-powered language tutor.使用Speak,你的AI语言导师,学习如何用另一种语言表达任何内容。
184opentable_v2Allows you to search for restaurants available for booking dining experiences该应用程序允许您搜索可预订用餐体验的餐厅。
185ShopSearch for millions of products from the world's greatest brands.搜索来自世界顶级品牌的数百万种产品。
186fiscalnoteFiscalNote enables access to select market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory informationFiscalNote提供了访问市场领先的、实时的法律、政治和监管信息数据集的机会。
187WolframAccess computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data through WolframAlpha and Wolfram Language.通过WolframAlpha和Wolfram
188ZapierInteract with over 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, and thousands more.与超过5,000个应用程序进行交互,如Google
189expediaBring your trip plans to life – get there, stay there, find things to see and do.让你的旅行计划变为现实——到达目的地,停留在那里,寻找可看可做的事情。
190InstacartWhat’s cookin'? Ask about recipes, meal plans, & more -- and get ingredients delivered from 40,000+ stores!在做什么美食呢?询问食谱、餐饮计划等问题,还可以从40,000多家商店送货到家!
191KlarnaProductsSearch and compare prices from thousands of online shops. Only available in the US.在数千家在线商店中搜索并比较价格。仅限美国。
192KAYAKSearch flights, stays & rental cars or get recommendations where you can go on your budget.搜索机票、住宿和租车,或者根据您的预算获取旅行推荐。