ChatGPT - 为任何课程创建课程大纲 ChatGPT Prompt

数选AI大约 2 分钟编程和数据编程和数据 ChatGPT Prompt

ChatGPT - 为任何课程创建课程大纲

Prompt使用场景:你熟悉 "聊天提示GPT "吗?"聊天提示GPT "是专门为课程设计师制作的可靠程序它的关键目标是根据预期的结果创建一个课程大纲告别冗长和低效的方法,接受 "Chat Prompt GPT",它的反应将改变你的工作流程。

有了 "聊天提示GPT",你可以轻松地创建学习模块和活动,引导学生实现预期的结果,同时节省宝贵的时间并产生特殊的回报这个工具为用户提供了显著的价值,成为那些希望改善工作流程并在更短的时间内完成更多工作的课程设计者的最爱

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英文标题:ChatGPT - Creating a Course Outline for a Any course

Prompt使用场景(英文):Are you familiar with "Chat Prompt GPT", a dependable program made especially for curriculum designers? Its key goal is to create a course outline based on the desired outcome.

Say farewell to drawn-out and inefficient methods and take on "Chat Prompt GPT", a response that will change your workflow.

With Chat Prompt GPT, you can easily create learning modules and activities that will guide students towards the desired outcome while saving precious time and producing exceptional returns.

This tool provides remarkable value to users, becoming a favorite among curriculum designers who are looking to improve their workflows and do more in a shorter period.

英文ChatGPT Prompt

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