ChatGPT帮你写一封吸引人的销售电话跟进邮件 ChatGPT Prompt

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Prompt使用场景:你是否熟悉 "ChatGPT帮你写一封吸引人的销售电话跟进邮件给亚马逊的约翰-史密斯",这是一个为销售人员设计的特殊解决方案?它的创建目的是帮助他们在撰写销售电话跟进邮件时节省时间和精力。

有了这个工具,你可以放弃冗长而低效的技巧,享受 "ChatGPT "的诸多优势它将真正改变你的工作方式,让你毫不费力地以熟悉的语气创建一个吸引人的电子邮件,并安排跟进电话,同时节省时间并提供一流的结果。


中文ChatGPT Prompt

"用熟悉的语气写一封销售电话跟进的电子邮件,使用以下输入。客户名称:John Smith 公司。亚马逊 呼叫行动项目:询问他的假期情况,延长特殊定价条款,安排后续电话 输出:"


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英文标题:ChatGPT Helps You Write an Engaging Sales Call Follow Up Email

Prompt使用场景(英文):Are you familiar with "ChatGPT Helps You Write an Engaging Sales Call Follow Up Email to John Smith of Amazon", a special solution designed for sales professionals? It was created with the intention of helping them save time and effort when writing sales call follow up emails.

With this tool, you can drop long and inefficient techniques, and enjoy the many advantages of "ChatGPT".

It will truly transform the way you work, allowing you to effortlessly create an engaging email in a familiar tone and schedule follow up calls while saving time and delivering top-notch outcomes.

It provides remarkable convenience and efficiency to users, quickly becoming a favorite pick among sales professionals who are trying to make their workflows more efficient and accomplish more in a shorter period.

英文ChatGPT Prompt

“Write a sales call follow up email in a familiar tone using the following inputs: Customer name: John Smith Company: Amazon Call action items: ask about his vacation, extend special pricing terms, schedule follow up call Output:”